Old sins cast long shadows…

The specters of past misdeeds hang over the Kingdom of Genev, a kingdom once forged in fire and blood. For the past five hundred years, things have been peaceful enough, lords occupied in border wars against the wild peoples of the Ironlands and the nearby kingdoms. At the very edge of its reach, within sight of the north-east border, at the springs that feed the mighty Stonedeep, stands the town of Stonemarch. 

But the world is no longer a quiet place. 

The arrival of a comet, burning across the zenith of the sky, the first seen in five hundred years, is a mark of change. They call it the Harbinger, an omen of dark times ahead. It is a sign, the oracles say, of wicked things moving in the weave of existence. Soon, something will come, and it will not be gentle or kind. 

A small group of adventurers are called into action by the first echoes of the stirrings in the dark, and their path is a dangerous one.