The Sins of the Father

The darkness

As we just finished our battle with Raz. Though he has been defeated I still feel the darkness overtaking this world and me as well

The Thorn Spires
Lair of Razzael
Arduinna, Gate to the South
South Group

From the Journal of Kairon Wander, Jongleur:

24th of the Green, may the gods' shares be bountiful.

Between the running, the visions, and the war, I haven't really had the mind to write again till now. Where should I begin? I suppose where I left off. We were on the road, fleeing Xabier's men. After an encounter with some of Xabier's men which Boris resolved peacefully, we doubled our pace toward Arduinna. But there was one more incident, a vision I hear, for I myself was not participant. Sywulf, Tamrell, and Boris claimed a mutual vision where they believe they saw the one called "The Champion", and engaged in small dialogue with it. But the spectre offered no alternatives to submission, and in the end of the vision, grasped Sywulf, marking him. 

Eventually, we found our way into the great city of Arduinna. On the way in, Shagar met a dwarf by the name of Tomilin, a mercenary under the employ of one Lord Jhern. After winning Tomilin's praise, Shagar convinced him to help us speak to Duke Anzel. At this point, we almost unanimously decided we were all in need of guidance and peace, so we headed into the temple district on the mountainside. The next day, we achieved council with the duke, and his reaction surprised us all. He meant to war long before we arrived. We are now just the catalyst as it were. But, he thought it would be good if we were not present for the debates of court, and so sent us to the wizard's tower to garner their support. Therein we met, and assisted Tak Tamarn, who in turn provided protection from Tanis' sending stone.

This last part I pen in haste, for we march as soon as the others are prepared. Duke Anzel makes for Soule to break Xabier's seige. Our mission in this whole affair will be to secure a fort along the path should the Bear need a staging point. Hopefully I will be able to write again soon, but for now I must go.

The Iker Incident
South Group

From the Journal of Kairon Wander, Jongleur:

14th of the Green, may the summer winds be at our backs.

It has been six days since last I took to my ink and quills, and yet it feels almost a lifetime. I make these small notes so that, if we should not make it to Arduinna, at least those who pursue us even now might know the truth. Truth. We rode south of Soule in the company of a merchant by the name of Baldis and protected his caravan. We decided that perhaps we could persuade Iker to call off his forces, and so split from the merchant on the road to Iria. We rescued a gentleman from the cages who claims to be called Sywulf. Perhaps, but he has a mean look about him and is constantly aware. Given his garb and state when we met him, I intend to keep an eye on him. We intercepted one of "Jay's" messengers later that day. We took the message, but the script vanished before we could make out much. We found our way into the city, made friends with a local merchant by the name of Arvis, and then found a cult of Asmodeus hard at work beneath the ruins of the temple of Torm. In eliminating the cult, we discovered a prisoner, a paladin of Torm named Shagar, that had attempted to rout them alone. But more than this, we discovered that Tanis, an aide to Count Xabier, is behind the current conflict between Iria and Soule. We warned Baron Iker of her involvement. Unfortunately Tanis found out, and by the next morning, Iker was dead and Xabier had us summoned. We pleaded our case well to the count, but it was clear then, that Tanis has nearly full sway over his mind. We tried to kill the witch, but Xabier's guards proved too much, and so we retreated using a cube given to us by Arvis. And here we are, fleeing south with the count's men hot on our tails.

The Duty that Divides Us

From the Journal of Kairon Wander, Jongleur:

8th of the Green, May the Life Giving Winds Protect.

It has been a few days since my last entrance when we were staying in the town of  Placeholder, West of Soule. Anyway, I find myself South of the city with dire straits ahead, and a good friend left behind. Yesterday morning, the cleric awoke from her maddening visions, and told of terrible things of which we had already suspected. The Count intends to prolong this war, and the Barons have been made fools. To make matters worse, the King still must be warned, so we came to a decision, divide ourselves to handle both threats at once. We were then offered the help of two wanderers, Placeholder and Placeholder. Placeholders and I chose to go South, in hopes of appealing to Duke Anzel to stop the wasteful conflict between Soule and Iria. The others chose to proceed to the capital city of Talin to bring the young king's attention to the brewing darkness.

Note: Someone going to Talon should log something.

Trance Awakening
A half elf's return from a medatative state

It's exciting that I would find a group of levelheaded souls to accompany me. Aweful  strange that a comet would bring a tiefling, dwarf, orc, and some elves together. 

I've decided to carry a Barron's message to a king. What a noble task for a charleton. I've strayed far from the bandits market. I never fit in with that lot anyhow. 

This journey has been imbued with magic. Comet, necromancer, and lore of a Great War. I even met a Druid. I've never had to fight a magician since my leave from school. Oddly I've survived these encounters, the bandits were easy to weave around. 

I had to take a short meditation after meeting with a elder elf in a trading town, her eyes were such an enchanted shade of green and her armor was so blessed. I was mesmerized by this woman, she immediately had my respects. She traveled with a few men. They had been traveling for some time. Traveling for no apparent reason from the south. She was obviously magical. 

I had to find someone to talk to after an encounter with many familiars. I learned that you must charm a beast to make them your own. I've yet to meet one that has used a clean magic. Obsidian pieces, dark ravens, aweful vibrations. I wish that magical people wouldn't choose such practices. It's nothing against a dwarfs axe, and an few good adventures. I've learned much about taking care of the forests, and being kind to all creatures.

After all this I was overwhelmed with magic and had to travel a part from the group. When I arrived back to my company, I found out that many people from a temple I was planning on visiting was ransacked. The practitioners of mystra had scryed from the comet and were severely injured. As well as a murder in the same temple. 

I sought the insight of my elven friend, who's name I found to be Sarai… I must've forgotten to ask out of amazement, or just never bothered to get her name… I mainly deal with bandits, and stolen goods. Anyhow, she recalled for me a Great War in the north, more mystic and ancient than our newfound companion had fought in. I wonder how much she knows. She is just as baffled by the comet, and deaths as I am. I hope that someone is able to figure this out. 

I almost forget to bring this ring to the king every day, but I have no feud with the Barron nor the king. I must bring this message to warn them of the omens. There is pulling on the weave of many more oddities to arrise. 

Apparently there is one who has caused the injury still lives. 

The Greenway

From the Journal of Kairon Wander, Jongleur:

4th of the Green, Praises to Chauntea!

Today, I have seen more of my ignorance of the universe than any other before. This morning on the road, my companions and I encountered another dire wolf. But, this one was, different. It was sickly, rotting and burning, yet seemingly still alive, unlike the blokes at the tower. More a cursed and rabid thing, but it worked as though an intelligent force focused its will through the creature. We were alarmed of course, but Jotum made quick work of the thing, gods be praised! However, with its dying breath, it uttered hellish curses which were nuanced enough that I could not discern their exact meaning. It wasn't until after that I realized we were one more in number. A halfling ranger from the north calling himself Allec, I believe he has a coastal accent. He said that he had been tracking the beast for many days, and we had now helped in relieving the beast of its misery. While introductions were being made, Jotum, in his usual fervor, had dismembered the wolf thoroughly. But where the beast's heart should have been, there lay a lump of obsidian with my grand-sire's tongue etched into its surface. I dare not give pen to what it reads, but know that it is dark and binding in nature. Jotum collected the thing and was immediately burned by it, whatever magics within still very much active. I gathered the piece, though I must admit that even for me it was extremely uncomfortable to hold. I consulted Aoth on the meaning of the incantations, but he was as stumped as I. For now, I have the offensive stone in my pack, but perhaps Aoth will be able to learn more when we reach the temple of Oghma in Sul. In any case, our new companion knew of a druid grove not far from where we were, and recommended that we go to them for aid. So, breaking from the main road, we made west to the grove.

After many hours of frustratingly slow travel, I admit mostly to my fault, we broke treeline into a large meadow in the forest. Perhaps I will illustrate some of what we saw there, but my ambition leaves me at the late hour which I write. In any case, great stone obelisks blending with the foliage were the most notable aspects of the place. That, and the druid. An old man by all standards, but clearly powerful and one with the land. He spoke to us of the coming doom and our connection to it, we were its harbingers in his eyes. He offered to send us through a shortcut, a passage through the Greenwoods of the Feywild. We took him up on his offer and headed on our way. As of now, I have spoken with the locals of the forest, and they believe this to be a safe passage. So tonight I will sleep well, and maybe Jotum will be freed from his visions for at least one night.

5th of the Green, 

We departed the Greenway this morning and landed ourselves in the foothills just a couple days out of the great trade city of Soule. We were mere miles from the town of Name, and so made our way down a forgotten path to this small spot of civilization. As it turns out, there are many heading West, with dark omens abounding, and word of unholy things to the North, it seems many merchants have abandoned their normal routines in favor of the relative safety the sea provides. Among these were Humans, Dwarves, Halflings, and Elves. Though, the most curious group is that of Sarai, an elf from the Sea of Sand far to the East and South. She had a mysterious air about her, and Aoth seemed quite interested in what she had to tell him. Perhaps I should inquire. As for the others, Jotum seemed to fit in nicely with the local brawlers, and Allec found a spirit that could flatten the entire Halfling community. For myself, I spoke with a fellow bard by the name of Placeholder, and while he knew nothing of the godly horn, he would inquire with whatever contacts he could. Now, before I miss all the fun, I should try some of what Allec's offering.

Tallstone Watching

After having stayed the night in the grove of the dryads, our party headed south along the Stonedeep River, sticking to the main path. About a half day's journey down the road, the party heard the baying of wolves and the cries of a woman. Rushing to the woman's aid, they summarily dispatched the wolf pack and the dire wolf that led them. Grateful for the party's intervention, she invited them to spend the night at her abode in the abandoned Tallstone Watchtower. Sitting down for supper, the party discussed the recent happenings, and found that the woman and her companions were mages of some small skill, and that they had seen signs of something approaching before the comet burned across the sky. During this talk, the party learned that these mages had been banished from a nearby village for practicing necromancy. As a result, the party decided that it would be best to continue on their way and not spend the night at the tower. But upon trying to depart, the party was set upon by the woman and one of her companions, resulting in the pair's deaths. However, the party was in no condition to depart into the wilderness, nor risk encountering the other members of this commune,and as such decided to bar the doors and stay the night. The next morning, while most of the party slept, Jotum was set upon by an assassin. The Dwarf proceeded to rouse the rest of the party with loud shouts, and a long and deadly fight later, the party had slain the rest of the denizens of the Tower. They looted all of use that they could, and left the tower behind to continue their trek to Talin.

Signs and Portents

In the small village of Stonemarch, a gathering of peasants and wanderers rest the night before the Spring festival of Chauntea. In the dead of night all are awoken by a mysterious tug on reality: a comet. It is an omen, and not a good one at that. Many of the villagers and travelers speculate its meaning, but not long. Before anyone knew what was happening, the village was under attack. Kobolds and Goblins bearing markings and wielding spears descend upon the town. After a brief fight involving a Half-Orc, Goblins, and Kobolds, the party drove away the would-be raiders. Though, despite their apparent bloodlust, the cleric of Ilmater managed to take the Goblin shaman prisoner and question it.

The miserable creature spoke of impending doom, a shadow of fire and smoke cast from the north, and of its intent to lead his people as far south as they could get. It mentioned that in its visions it had seen a blade of light to the west, thrown to the deepest of places to be forgotten by all, and that this blade could defeat the Champion of the coming darkness. After much debate, the party decided that the Goblin shaman need not die, and sent him off with a small amount of supplies with the understanding that he and his tribe would move along come the morn.

Having sent the tribe away, and the hour being yet early, Baron Elias offered his house for discussion and rest. The facts were reviewed, something had driven the creatures south from the Ironlands, and Elias the Red had neither the men nor the means to hold the marches if there were a full-fledged invasion. He would need both a proper army, and engineers to repair the northern fort. The wizard Aoth also suggested that the vast network of caves beneath the capital city, Talin, might be the deep place of which the shaman spoke. Having both the tasks of investigating this blade and seeking the king's armies, the gathering decided that their best course would be to make the long trek west, to capital city.

Leaving early in the morning, the party departed by way of the south road, which clung to the side of the Stonedeep river. While the party was looking to make good progress on their first day of travel, it did not pass without peril. After traveling for many hours, several party members noticed a man standing on the road, just down the hill from a ruined keep. The party was stopped and greeted by the man (after stowing obvious weapons and most of the Dwarf), who declared that this was a toll road, and to pass, we had to pay the fine like everyone else. But the would-be highwayman didn't anticipate the wizard, whom he was promptly charmed by. Now a friend to the party, he waved them on their way. Having avoided a potentially dangerous situation, the group continued until dusk. 

At the side of one of the Stonedeep's tributaries, the group found an excellent shelter in the form of a cluster of trees. While pitching camp, the Dwarf bathed himself in the frigid spring thaw, and while it was a benign task, the bard thought it to fun to watch the barbarian swim the river, and directed him to pursue a false sound across the river. Doing so, the Dwarf found himself in a quiet grove with a worn statue, with occasional laughter from some otherworldly presence(s). Of course, the Dwarf began shouting thus drawing other concerned party members across the river. After some conversing with the beings, the party learned that they were Dryads, spirits of this forest, and that this is their grove. Backing out peacefully, they settled to keeping their fire in check. One member of the party, in a gesture of peace and well being, planted a flower, which the Dryads helped to take root. But not all was well here, for during the night, the party suffered from dark dreams, and during the Dwarf and bard's watch, all went still as some great evil manifested an aspect of itself as a raven, which the Dwarf had seen in many visions. In the morning, little was spoken of his incident, for it was universally understood: whatever evil had come to the land had turned its gaze toward the party…

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