The Sins of the Father

Sywulf's Journal: Entry #4

Been on the move a few days now. Been raining. Cold. But I like the rain. Like Storms. Like the cold. Sneaking and fighting are easier. Too much noise in the sky drowns out whats happening to whoever I'm up against. Guards aren't as easily alerted. The cold can make a guard or whoever numb. Harder for them to fight. Me? Used to the cold. Honzo put me through some intense winter training. Heh… Training all around with him was intense. Even before him I was used to the cold. Rarely slept in a bed at the Dirty Weasel. Beds were usually horrible. Floor was better. Barns were better. Hay was better. Cleaner. Jorgen was usually, no, always too drunk to care. It wasn't until I met Honzo that I had some normal sleeping arrangements. Or as much as you can when on the road. Wasn't till I met him I Knew warmth. Then I met Eclipse. Then, well… I don't know if that's a warmth I'll ever feel again. Hope I do. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. Hmm… I've moved on, but I still care about her. Just not romantically anymore. Guess I always will. Where was I going with all this? Shagar if your reading this, quit reading dammit.


SaintCyr riskenjack

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