The Sins of the Father

Sywulf's Journal: Entry #5

The army is gaining more soldiers every day. Thousands upon thousands. Never thought I'd be part of a military force. Guess we're still not. Just hired help. Actually, I think my friends and I are more like unpaid volunteers. Hmm. Well, saving the world is reward enough. Still, I'm usually the man someone pays to kill corrupt military officials. Slayed 3 Generals in my time so far. One was rapeing female officers. Bashed his head open with a brick. The second was helping a criminal organization import and export slaves. Managed to light him on fire. The last one was trying to start a war with the elves, despite what his king was saying. Long story. Let Eclipse decide how he should go. She gave him to the elven prisoners he and his rouge followers had captured. They tore him apart. We freed them. Saved the day. War averted. This is one of the many reasons I can't stand racists. There all crazy.


SaintCyr riskenjack

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