The Sins of the Father

Trance Awakening

A half elf's return from a medatative state

It's exciting that I would find a group of levelheaded souls to accompany me. Aweful  strange that a comet would bring a tiefling, dwarf, orc, and some elves together. 

I've decided to carry a Barron's message to a king. What a noble task for a charleton. I've strayed far from the bandits market. I never fit in with that lot anyhow. 

This journey has been imbued with magic. Comet, necromancer, and lore of a Great War. I even met a Druid. I've never had to fight a magician since my leave from school. Oddly I've survived these encounters, the bandits were easy to weave around. 

I had to take a short meditation after meeting with a elder elf in a trading town, her eyes were such an enchanted shade of green and her armor was so blessed. I was mesmerized by this woman, she immediately had my respects. She traveled with a few men. They had been traveling for some time. Traveling for no apparent reason from the south. She was obviously magical. 

I had to find someone to talk to after an encounter with many familiars. I learned that you must charm a beast to make them your own. I've yet to meet one that has used a clean magic. Obsidian pieces, dark ravens, aweful vibrations. I wish that magical people wouldn't choose such practices. It's nothing against a dwarfs axe, and an few good adventures. I've learned much about taking care of the forests, and being kind to all creatures.

After all this I was overwhelmed with magic and had to travel a part from the group. When I arrived back to my company, I found out that many people from a temple I was planning on visiting was ransacked. The practitioners of mystra had scryed from the comet and were severely injured. As well as a murder in the same temple. 

I sought the insight of my elven friend, who's name I found to be Sarai… I must've forgotten to ask out of amazement, or just never bothered to get her name… I mainly deal with bandits, and stolen goods. Anyhow, she recalled for me a Great War in the north, more mystic and ancient than our newfound companion had fought in. I wonder how much she knows. She is just as baffled by the comet, and deaths as I am. I hope that someone is able to figure this out. 

I almost forget to bring this ring to the king every day, but I have no feud with the Barron nor the king. I must bring this message to warn them of the omens. There is pulling on the weave of many more oddities to arrise. 

Apparently there is one who has caused the injury still lives. 


SaintCyr Thairone

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