Dramatis Personae

NPCs of Note

Those Bound for the Capital
Arina Daven Captain of the Royal Guard
Clement the Mad, King of Genev

Elias the Red, Baron of Stonemarch
Fayz the Healer

Lia Halloran, Ambassador from Astrya
​​​​Sarai the Wanderer
Vilaris Asai, Advisor to the King

Those Bound for the South
Anzel the Bear, Duke of Arduinna
Arvis, Merchant Master
Jhern the Ironhand

Jon Xabier, Count of Zorion

Luken Aldana, Count of Soule
Tanis, Advisor of Jon Xabier
Tomilin, Freesword
Victor Iker, Baron of Iria

Dramatis Personae

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